Wine Clubs
“Every wine in our personal wine cellar tells a story of a winemaker and experience we had in a wine region around the world. We wanted to provide that same kind of experience for our wine club members.” - Peggy Fiandaca & Curt Dunham, LDV Winery Owners
The Sky Islander Wine Club provides opportunities to connect members to the winemaking experience and our vineyard. Members are also provided access to the newest wine releases and special wine bottlings.

Three levels of wine club membership:
Chiricahua Circle (Waiting List), Pinnacle (12 bottles twice a year), and Summit (6 bottles twice a year).


- No fee to join.

- Two wine packages (shipped or pick up) per year (spring and fall).

- Winemaker notes and pairing recipes.

- E-newsletter updates with insider vineyard and winery information.

- Invites to pre-release wines, special events, and wine purchase discounts.

- Tasting Vouchers (Summit) or free wine tastings (Pinnacle and Chiricahua Circle).

- Wine pick up parties held at the Scottsdale Tasting Room.

- Free vineyard/winery tours in the Chiricahua Mountains are available to club members by appointment.

- Club only VIP events are held throughout the year.

Referral and longevity rewards program benefits are available. Introduce your friends and family to the LDV Winery® Sky Islander Club, and if they join, you receive 30% off a case purchase for each new member you refer. The discount cannot be used on the wine club shipment.

Minimum commitment for 1 year (2 wine packs). Must activate membership (purchase your first wines) to receive discounts.

Join the LDV Winery Sky Islander Wine Club today and start receiving immediate benefits!
Download a Sky Islander Fact Sheet here.
A Wine Club Application is available at this link. Learn more and join online today.

Why name the wine club “Sky Islander?” The Sky Island region of southeastern Arizona is one of the most biologically diverse areas in North America, where the temperate and tropical zones meet, and North America’s two major deserts convene. Here, more species of mammals, birds, reptiles, bees and ants are found than any other place in the country! The ecological richness of these mountainous “island” habitats is equally matched by the cultural splendor found throughout Cochise County. (Arizona Wilderness Coalition, 2014)