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General Wine Basics

No two winemakers or vineyard managers approach the
winemaking or grape growing process in the same way.

Wine Basics is intended to demystify the growing,
fermenting, aging, and blending process, exploring the
“art and science” of making an incredible bottle of wine.

The process of growing and nurturing grapevines are
critical because great wines start in the vineyard.
The basics that are critical to the grape growing
process include soil management, site location, planting
orientation, and timing of harvesting the grapes.

General Wine Basics

The winemaking journey starts with great juice produced from carefully processed grapes. The process involves
chemistry, careful attention to sanitation, great patience, magic, and little skill. Winemaking 101 describes the
basic winemaking process acknowledging that every winemaker adjusts the process to meet differing objectives.

Following environmentally-friendly farming practices ensures that the resources required to nourish the grapes
will be available for generations. Sustainable farming practices are evolving and responding to current trends
and best practices.

At LDV Winery, appreciation of the complexity and nuances of a wine’s characteristics is what
a winemaker hopes someone identifies and enjoys when tasting wine.

The art of wine tasting allows every nuance of the wine to be enjoyed and savored. It is the celebration of the
grape to glass journey.

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