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Happy New Year from Lawrence Dunham Vineyards

LDV Winery
2010 was a year of tremendous highs and lows for us personally and at Lawrence Dunham Vineyards.

We are looking forward to a terrific 2011. Since our last eNews (Summer 2010), there has been a lot happening at Lawrence Dunham Vineyards.
LDV Winery
Curt and Peggy enjoying wine in the vineyard.
LDV Winery
Viognier pressing
Our first Viognier harvest was in August 2010. We had a small harvest due to the small amount of vines planted.

We made enough Viognier to share with folks who visit us at the vineyard but not enough for a full production run. It provides a good example of the Sauvignon Blanc-style Viognier Curt is hoping to produce in the future.
The Sonoita-Elgin vineyards were hit hard by a late hail storm that wiped out some of the vineyards in that part of Arizona. Luckily, this year we did not get hit like we did in 2009 when we lost over 2,000 vines to a hard freeze.

One lesson we had to learn quickly is that there is not much you can do to prevent the wrath of Mother Nature.

We harvested the rest of the grapes in late September and had a good yield at a little over three tons per acre. The fruit ripened pretty much on schedule. 2010 was the first time we were able to process our grapes at LDV because we received all of our final permits from Cochise County and our equipment arrived just in time. What a major milestone for us. We pressed over 13 tons of grapes in late September and October. We got to use our new basket press. This allows us to press the grapes very gently (similar to how you handle Pinot Noir) and in small batches.
The LDV Team was well represented at the Arizona Wine Growers Association’s Grape Stomp. Four 5K races were held in the various wine regions. Over 20 people participated on the LDV Team in the Phoenix area race. Though we didn’t win the race we had a lot of fun and we had the best t-shirts. LDV Winery
LDV Race Team
LDV Winery
LDV float in Thanksgiving Day Parade
LDV had a float in the Fountain Hills Thanksgiving Day parade. What a great way to start the day. Peggy’s 90 year old Auntie Ant (Antoinette Fiandaca who had never been in a parade) visited from Monterey, California to ride the float. Chiricahua Circle Members walked behind the float handing out candy to the kids and corks to adults (though they would have preferred wine samples). Several thousand people were along the parade route. LDV won its first award - Best Business Float Entry.
Our first LDV wines were released for sale in December 2010. This major milestone ushered in the start of the holiday season with a number of events. Nearly 100 people joined us at our home in Fountain Hills on December 4th to taste and purchase LDV 2008 Syrah, 2009 Grenache, and 2009 Sky Island Grenache.

Curt hosted Chiricahua Circle Members and neighbors on December 8th at the winery for a wine tasting.
LDV Winery
First wine release event at Fountain Hills.
LDV was also the featured business at the Fountain Hills Leadership Institute event on December 15th. We were very pleased with the feedback received on our wines and the wine sales to date.

We are excited about 2011. Thank you for your support and remember we depend on you to introduce us to your friends, neighbors and family members so we can share our story and wines! Hope you can come for a visit soon.

Best Regards,
Curt Dunham and Peggy Fiandaca

LDV Winery

Curt in the Dirt – The Vineyard Update

LDV Winery
Curt in the field checking grapes
We had a very successful growing season as the second and third year vines produced nice fruit and the new vines became
established and are poised to produce fruit in 2011.

Of the 1,800 new Viognier plants that went in the ground in April, only seven did not make it – an astonishing 99.6% take rate.
I have never heard of anything like this before! Proof again that this place is a grape-growing son-of-a-gun!
We had some of the usual pests such as bees, wasps, and tomato worms to contend with along with our first fungus outbreak. Other vineyards in Arizona have experienced fungus quite regularly but we had not seen it around these parts until this year. We are going to preemptively treat the vineyard for this fungus early this growing season so we can keep it in check. Fortunately we caught it relatively early before it could do a lot of damage.
We only lost a handful of plants.
LDV Winery
Harvest at the vineyard
We also had a bit of bunch rot on our Petite Sirah due to several consecutive heavy rains after veraison (grapes turning purple – remember?). We had to treat the vineyard with a fungicide and a baking soda and water solution. The bunch rot was pretty much cleared up prior to picking. Bunch rot not only lowers yields but can also taint the wine if not eradicated prior to crushing.

LDV Winery
Pressing operation at the winery
We are still feeling the effects of the
October 2009 hard freeze as we will need to replant another 80 Petite Sirah, 412 Grenache and 227 Syrah plants in mid April.
Hopefully after this replanting, we can put that freeze event behind us. Fall was mild as the plants continued to grow until late in October and had plenty of time to go into hibernation before we experienced significant cold weather in early December; where we had our first night in the teens. Late winter we will begin to prune the plants in preparation for April’s bud break.

LDV Winery

Winery Update

Our first crush at Lawrence Dunham Vineyards went extremely well as the facility and new equipment performed beautifully. It started with the picking and crush of about 500 pounds of Viognier from the little bit we planted in April 2009. This wine was fermented in stainless steel where it is currently clarifying. As result of our red grape crush, we have 13 barrels of 2010 Petite Sirah from our vineyard
and ten barrels of Grenache from the six tons of grapes we purchased from our neighbors at Rock Creek Vineyards.

LDV Winery
Warming barrels in the sun
All of the red wine is completing its secondary fermentation. For some reason, the wine is taking a long time to complete fermentation this year. No explanation at this point!

We bottled our 2009 Grenache on September 2nd (108 cases) and our 2009 Sky Island Grenache on October 13 (129 cases). We are still in the process of getting all of the bottles labeled and the capsules applied (the foil covering the corks).

We purchased some new French and American oak barrels for the 2010 vintage and for
the first time we are experimenting with different toast levels. The level to which each
barrel is toasted impacts the flavor and character of the finished wine. We are trying to
determine what toasting levels are best with the grapes grown here and it’s a trial and error process – hopefully not too much error!
LDV Winery
Labeling Sky Island Grenache
As soon as the fermentation is completed, we will add some SO2 (to protect the
wine from bacteria and other ghoulies) and adjust the pH if necessary. We will also rack the wines (removing the clear juice from the solids that have settled on the bottom of the barrel) to begin clarifying or “cleaning up” the wines. Then we will leave them alone to age. We are anticipating bottling our 2009 Petite Sirah, 2009 Sky Island Petite Sirah and 2009 R.E.D. blend (Grenache, Mouvedre and Petite Sirah) in January. Hopefully these wines will be ready to release in early spring.

LDV Winery

LDV Wines

Three LDV wines were released on December 4, 2010 and are available
on the LDV website at: www.ldvwinery.com
We are proud of our first releases and have been getting great feedback.

Chiricahua Circle members David and Karen Prescott purchased the first case of LDV wines. Please share a bottle or two with your friends (or send them to us so they can purchase their own bottle or case).
LDV Winery
First case of LDV wine purchased
LDV Winery 2008 Syrah is a winner. Because of the ripeness of the fruit, we decided not to fight Mother Nature and produce a robust wine intended to be enjoyed with hearty foods and grilled meats.

There is a strong influence of the American oak barrel that brings a toasty and spicy element to compliment the dark fruit flavors and aromas. It is ready to drink now but with proper cellaring it should get better over the next few years – if you can restrain yourself!
We hope you enjoy this wine because it will be our last Syrah bottling until at least the 2011 vintage. 52 cases were produced and the price is $32.00. Chiricahua Circle Members and 2010 Grape to Glass Symposium participants will receive the prerelease discounts.
Limit: 3 bottles maximum

LDV Winery 2009 Grenache was crafted to provide a flavorful and spicy, medium bodied wine perfect for a variety of foods and occasions.

The Grenache grapes, sourced from our Chiricahua Mountain neighbor Rock Creek Vineyards, comprise 90% of the bottling with 50% of these grapes aged 11 months in new French oak. 10% Petite Sirah aged in neutral oak from Lawrence Dunham Vineyards Estate round out the bottling.
We believe the Grenache grape is going to produce very unique flavors and characteristics from our special place. 108 cases were produced and the price is $25.00.
Limit: 6 bottles maximum.

LDV Winery 2009 Sky Island Grenache is unique like its name. Our Lawrence Dunham Vineyards' Sky Island series of wines are crafted to let the natural fruit show through so the unique
characteristics of grapes grown in the Chiricahua Mountains can be experienced.

This Sky Island bottling is comprised of 77% Grenache and 18% Mouvedre from our Chiricahua Mountain neighbor Rock Creek Vineyards and 5% Petite Sirah from Lawrence Dunham Vineyards Estate.
All were aged in neutral oak barrels. Like this wine, the SE Arizona portion of the 70,000 square mile Sky Island region is truly unique. 129 cases produced and the price is $22.00.
Limit: 6 bottles maximum

Note: For all wines, mix and match full case purchases receive a 10% case discount.
And, Chiricahua Circle Members receive a 20% case discount. Click Here to purchase Lawrence Dunham Vineyards' wines.

LDV Winery

LDV Spotlight
Chiricahua Circle Grape to Glass Symposium

The Lawrence Dunham Vineyards’ club, called Chiricahua Circle is growing fast and members are really rolling up their sleeves to assist in the grape-growing and winemaking process.

The first Grape to Glass Symposium was held on Saturday August 28th where members selected their adopted vines, learned about vineyard management and the winemaking process led by winemaker Curt Dunham.
LDV Winery
The first Grape to Glass Symposium
The Chiricahua Circle members, guests, and neighbors enjoyed a barbeque lunch on the
crush pad paired with wines from our good friends at Keeling Schaefer Vineyards.
It was a perfect summer day.
LDV Winery
The Ozers & Pedersons discuss the day's events.
The event included the largest tasting panel ever (approximately 80 folks) of the
LDV 2009 Petite Sirah and Sky Island Grenache. Receiving input on the potential blends for our first 2009 bottlings was very important for Curt as he considered the final blend of the wines.

The 2009 Sky Island Grenache was
recently released and the Petite Sirah will
be released in spring 2011.
Mark your calendars for the 2011 Grape
to Glass Symposium Saturday August 20th. This event is an opportunity for you to experience the LDV vineyards and winemaking process up close and personal.

We hope to provide some education about the winemaking process and share our passion for our place and wines with you.
It is a lot of fun and a great escape from the urban heat in August. Consider joining the Chiricahua Circle and getting involved in one of Arizona’s newest wineries.
LDV Winery
Lorna Pederson inspecting the vines.
LDV Winery
Kelly Barnacastle selects her vine.
The “Circle” is intended for families that want to get more involved than just drinking a great bottle of wine.

Circle members actually roll up their sleeves and experience the agriculture and winemaking process.

Our friends at Sunglow Ranch located
near the vineyard offer 20% off rates to Chiricahua Circle members. Click here and become a Chiricahua Circle member today.

LDV Winery

Wine Pairings

We never start a new year without our good luck charm – Good Luck Cajun Black-Eyed Peas.

It is a southern tradition that we have been following for almost 20 years.

We are not southerners but this tradition has become part of our routine and we are superstitious enough not to jeopardize our good fortune.
LDV Winery
Good Luck Cajun Black-Eyed Peas
It is believed that this tradition of eating black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day for luck and prosperity dates back to the Civil War. The peas were planted originally for livestock but were also a food staple of slaves in the South. When General Sherman’s troops destroyed or stole crops throughout the South, they did not destroy the black-eyed pea fields. The black-eyed peas continued to play a major role in providing nourishment for anyone that survived. Of course, as any tradition, it has evolved over the years with many different variations.

Our recipe for Good Luck Cajun Black-Eyed Peas is made every New Year’s Day and served for lunch. We serve a steaming bowl of the peas with slices of good crusty bread and a crisp white wine. The black-eyed peas pair well with a chilled Gewürztraminer or Riesling. It is important to enjoy a wine that can hold up to the spice of these peas. These white wines are crisp and fruity with a little spice that pair nicely with the peas; just like they would do well with Thai food. But your favorite cold beer would also pair nicely.

We always make enough Good Luck Cajun Black-Eyed Peas to share with a neighbor or friend. We like to spread our good fortune.
Click here for the recipe

LDV Winery

Upcoming Events

Registration is required for two exciting upcoming LDV events -
Valentine’s Day Winemaker Dinner and Stargazing and Wine Tasting at Sunglow Ranch.

Valentine’s Day Winemaker Dinner
Twenty people are invited to join us at our Fountain Hills home on Valentine’s Day for a five-course meal paired with LDV wines.

Peggy and Curt will prepare, serve, and share stories about each wine pairing. Guests will enjoy great food, wine, music, and conversation that will make this Valentine’s Day really memorable.
LDV Winery
Winemaker's Dinner
Total cost per person (includes food, wine, and recipes) is $75.00.
Space is limited so make your reservations today by calling (602) 320-1485
or email us: info@ldvwinery.com
Click here for the tentative menu.

Stargazing & Wine Tasting Weekend
LDV is excited to partner with our friends and neighbors at Sunglow Ranch Resort for an extraordinary weekend which will include stargazing and LDV wine tasting April 1&2. Chrissy and Mitch Sayare, the owners of Sunglow Ranch, will be your hosts for a two-night stay in one of their beautifully appointed casitas with a four-course LDV winemaker dinner on Saturday night in the Sunglow Cafe.
LDV Winery
Sunlow Ranch
Evenings will be spent touring Arizona’s night skies with Mitch, an avid and experienced
amateur astronomer using Sunglow’s 10-inch telescope. Saturday enjoy a special “Grape to Glass” educational tour of the Lawrence Dunham Vineyards and winery with special barrel samples followed by lunch at our winery home. Space is limited so make your reservations today by calling (520) 824-3334 or info@sunglowranch.com

Lawrence Dunham Vineyards is developing a full year of events, both in the Valley and at the winery. Mark your calendars for the following events and keep checking the LDV website or follow us on Facebook for ongoing activities and wine releases.
Winter 2011
1/9 In-Home Jazz Concert to Benefit Arizona Community Foundation (Fountain Hills)
1/12 - 1/16 Wings Over Willcox (see www.wingsoverwillcox.com)
1/14 State Agriculture Rural Leaders at Queen Creek Olive Oil Company (pouring Arizona wines)
1/16 LDV hosting the Director of Grassroots and Political Affairs of WineAmerica for a LDV winemaker dinner (Fountain Hills)
2/1 Arizona Wine Growers Association Winter Quarterly Meeting
(Coronado Vineyards, Willcox)
2/14 Valentine’s Day LDV Winemaker Dinner (Fountain Hills) –
Call today to make reservations (602)320-1485 or email at info@ldvwinery.com
3/12 LDV Hosted Fountain Hills Greening of the Park Dinner (Fountain Hills)
Spring 2011
3/25-3/27 Tempe Festival of the Arts (Arizona Wine Garden)
4/1-4/3 Stargazing and LDV Wine Weekend at Sunglow Ranch (Pearce)
Late April LDV planting and bud break
5/3 Arizona Wine Growers Association Spring Quarterly Meeting (Sonoita)
5/7 Prescott Art and Wine Festival (Old Firehouse Plaza, Prescott)
5/14 – 5/15 Willcox Wine Festival (Railroad Park, Willcox)
Summer 2011
July Veraison begins
8/20 LDV Grape to Glass Symposium (LDV Winery, Pearce)
8/2 Arizona Wine Growers Association Summer Quarterly Meeting
(Verde Valley)
Fall 2011
10/15-10/16 Willcox Wine Festival (Railroad Park, Willcox)
12/2 -12/4 Tempe Festival of the Arts (Arizona Wine Garden, Tempe)
Join the fun. There is a lot going on throughout the Cochise County region and visit our friends Keeling Schaefer, Carlson Creek, and Coronado Vineyards in their Tasting Rooms in Willcox. Call us at: (602) 320-1485 or email us at info@ldvwinery.com if you would like to purchase our wines, visit us at the vineyard or arrange a tour. You can also purchase our wines online at: www.ldvwinery.com

LDV Winery

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