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LDV Winery’s award-winning wines are a direct reflection of the unique high altitude terroir in the Chiricahua Mountain foothills in Southeastern Arizona. Our monthly blog From Vineyard to Table shares how we celebrate the spirit of place through LDV’s sustainable practices, entertaining approach, food & wine pairings (including original recipes), and winemaking techniques. Wine Tip Wednesday provides you with easy to apply tips to expand your wine and food enjoyment that we have been employing for years. Share your wine tips with us!

March 14 to March 21, 2018: Wine Mouth Feel - View Curt's video below

LDV Winery works very hard not only on ensuring that our wines are well balanced and tasty, but that the mouth feel is luscious and soft. How do you define a wine’s mouth feel? Astringent, bitter, velvety, or sour are not tastes, but sensations in the mouth.

LDV Winery institutes gentle treatment of our grapes and wines and extended aging to create a softness in the finished product. The result is balanced acidity and flavors with a pillowy or velvety feel when you drink LDV wines. When tasting wine, think about the following to discern the wine’s mouth feel.

1. What is the wine’s viscosity and how does it cling to the palate?

2. Does the wine have a long finish which makes it perfect to pair with foods?

3. Are there pleasant or unpleasant sensations apart from the flavors?

Enjoying wine should excite all your senses. Mouth feel is just one of the important components of truly enjoy a great glass of wine. See video, with LDV winemaker Curt Dunham discussing mouth feel
  LDV Winery


March 07 to March 14, 2018: 2014 Wine Vintage - View Peggy's video below

LDV Winery began to release the 2014 vintage wines over the last few months with more to come. Already released from the 2014 vintage include: Sky Island Grenache, Viognier, and R.E.D. (Rhone Red Blend). Upcoming 2014 wine releases will include a new Grenache, Sky Island Syrah, and three new Petite Sirah bottlings that have been nurtured and cellared for over three years and will be released over the coming months.

2014 was an interesting year with a frost scare early and a lot of rain right before harvest. The wet period resulted in having to drop a lot of fruit, particularly Viognier, because of bunch rot. Overall yields were around average except for the Viognier.

Yields were about four tons per acre, while Viognier averaged two tons per acre. Some things to look for in these wines is more depth and complexity. Our vines are still very young, and this additional year of development helps to further define LDV’s unique vineyard characteristics.

  LDV Winery

Purchase LDV Winery’s 2014 vintage wines and let us know what you think. Purchase online: Or stop by the Wine Gallery in Old Town Scottsdale.



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